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press 'select' to shop%',du=300,sn=323031303031,lp=etv%'allergy ut alllergy no worries at oll. >>host: how long does it take to make one? >>guest: takes about an hour every five minutes to put the cake together and bake it. >>host: remember an artist rosa's all addlls this all. >>guest: that is why we do things
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their unique and different with all the artists and we have an you to take a look at this buthis is mondayfonda on top of sunday and everything is thought otop of fonda.this is all hand caught up caughtcut out >>host:when you get these out as guess you are giving
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some think this much more special than if you were to go to eight local bakery. >>guest: the fonda will actually keep the moisture inside. >>host:you get 14 servings and there isese are great. thank you so much callie you are so right you are so great as you will be back later this afternoon. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: all right to take a look of businesses editor's pick for the gourmets retailer best new-product this thing is
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amazing is called choxcard and have you ever had that situation where someone shows and you do not have a gift for choxcard is perfect for a just in time gift. you will receive six of these top cards embedded is basically it is a beautifullyfted chocolate bar inside 8 message or card holder. yet all six of and use seat you get the joint and addition to that you get the happyalso offer peace love in joy and you will receive two of these this grape ready * the year. did the prices $24.95 we have amygp;oldsmith
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>>guest: how do you get them? you have so many people in your family and friends so we came up with choxcard which you do money and then this park becomes a greeting cards to you all have to buy one and in here we have a all chocolate barbecue this rapper it is delicious and this is a premium on natural chocolate bars that waxy or drugs or brand.this is a kosher bar as well.tore brands. all in one guess
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is absolutely fun and easy and you look like you put so much thought in nests because sometimes it is hard to give a gift card and people love getting them. u.s. to give cover you sort of feel a sense of personal. >>host: voice feel like it is not substantial enough. >>guest: this makes it extra special and people love to get them. a stocking or boat looks fabulous in can hold its own and it looks just right. the notes great with my niece and nephew i am mailing it to them i have a mailing it in that envelope. it will fit right and the envelope it is
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perfect. >>host: an ideal gift for 81 gamma $20 gift card or cash for every one you can pop them in there or give certificates to work perfectly. your point of senate before for my son danny for his teacher you go get the teacher a gift card for starbucks did that once- to buy card and it has to be a certain type card with all the other what do we write. danny says i know what's right. this is all set up for you because the gift messages are ready preprogrammed you can add or customize and you want but the fact that there is a chocolate bark this is the extra bonus at the end of the day. it is a >>guest: extra special and looks like you have given it some thought and no offense to you but i continue my husband console a couple days before christmas and ease corn to say to me i need to get something for someone as must have a miracle cure but i do have it now. this
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is the kind of thing you buy two sets of because the chocolate will last a year if the stored properly. you to it for holidays are come january, february or may you absolutely o.k. to pull it out and use it for birthday or other holiday time. 13 one says have havea happy and it has all holidays listed is superfund and and it just pops friday in so easily. >>host: is a gift card inside you then put either cash gift card and here we have someone a little deaf or $5 bill and remember you have $5 chocolate are in there as well and you put your little message and closed
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up and this tax breaks up from up above. . look at how nice that is you can wrap it into a bow on and and i can tell you anyone with lovett i only have 14 under remaining to go round. this very minute sit on this. remember there are six for the price of $24.95 you get 6 gifts here. if you have secret santas you have to take care of at the office or will come home and tell you they have a teacher gets. he is an elementary school so he has six teachers and this is perfect for them and you can personalize them as much as you want but you will absolutely love it. everything your corn to get and this never configuration up there. get to these designs to enjoy 2 love
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chocolate or pick a holiday card you to an ounce size and chocolate bars which is no chocolate it is wax the id is premium chocolate it is fantastic so you are coin to give and the sixrds this holiday season into january is just gonna happen.6 c13 the way i have to point out this as a little flat itselfs ceiling it really holds up and this is all in one you have your gift card holder and you have your greeting card and you have your all natural chocolate. by the way i know if you notice but greeting cards are $5 and to throw in a premium chocolate bar that runs $5 a year now at $10. if you need to issue you keep adding more at $70
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vs 25 bucks to do this. we also are doing free shipping and handling which reflects payments $12.48 if you can afford it we can do with the flex payment with your hsn card. do not get left out in the cold you know the situation you are sitting at home at christmas eve and you invite over for and your neighbor has a cute little guest and here's a beautiful ornament and you are standing there looking like the biggest store in the planet because you did not even think about it. gravity's you get 6 if13 worked at a company with co-workers anyone to take care of them you can customize each one. this is ideal it gives kids in school and i know for fact that they did this sheer at the last minute he says item or to tie you saw we had the run to the local drug store and buy a bunch of cards.then
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i had to think, give her this enlightening give the store like a gift card with onyx card? >>host: there's no way to give them as deaf with the gift cards. >>host: is to be very difficult 90 to candy bars when you receive these and dollars stuff something else and they're leave the candy bars and there. i wanna show everyone how can these are as a stocking stuffer isn't that great? you can use some for your family, kidsabout these is inside the box and here is i washer your time we have and fill this out but at the bottom we have to and from we have peace message you to put a $20 bill inside and then you just break the top off. remember when you open it up what is
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inside there. that is the coolest thing ever it is gourmet chocolate and i can't stress this enough. i that. >>guest: the chocolate is not waxy 38% cowl it is just delicious it is an extra bonus and it makes you look like you thought about the gift you are giving. >>host: you this you do not realize is chocolate and there would you just open it up and you think while this is eyes i received a gift certificate to my local place and then you realize that this is heavy and there is a gift inside their to so it is a gift inside gift. you also have the idea that you thought of putting a message in error as well.
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>>guest: i can tell you firsthand that when i have given the top card choxcard everyday once in a where you got this and how this came to be because there's no other way to gift and gift card. dealing with >>host: 18 get this in the configuration is six chocolate bars and gift card holders you can get this today for $24.95 and free shipping and handling. we also have to flex payments of $12.48 cartridges and card. the worst thing can happen you get 6 chocolate bars and you always have a present for anyone for any occasion. >>guest: my mother always kept the green cards around the house and you
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can't do that anymore because greeting cards cost $5 apiece. >>host: my mother would keep presence wrap-it-up like $5 or $10 against and then when they board show what she would write their names under much amy you'll be back at 5:00 p.m. today. >>host: guy yovan, we3 gift for you today under $20 $30, and for the
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jewelry lover. this is under $10 for each gift.and some of these will be your favorites.we have mountain pine, snowberry. [reading] now the most limited is mcintosh apple and vanilla cupcake. and for under $30 we have your slim sonic deluxe. a three pack of the sonic toothbrush is. you get three of your replacement had spreadh many of us keep using the same toothbrush for too long. if you do not know the benefits of sonic toothbrush ring it removed the plaque quicker. i promised
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you a gift for the jewelry lovers, c13 is your over the door mirrored at jewelry armoire. you could put everything here. bracelets and watches, your long necklaces. those free shipping. we have sold 118,000 of these. it is coming up at the end of the hour. all of that and much more on hsn today. [♪ music ♪] >>host: we are starting off gets under $20. -- gifts under $20. maybe it for your animal. many
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purchase gifts for their animals. you can get this sweet little dogolate or ivory the 50 in. by 60" a throw blanket. you will buy this because it is cute but you will keep this because it is a warm, soft and cozy. we do not have many left, just% over 330.we bring in ellen bunner. >>guest: it is good to see you.this is my only showed today. we will not get these back in. dee dee just the 4- row alone we have sold out of the soft and cozy a throw by itself. this is your
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only way to get it.version of the legendary so soft and cozy blanket. eighrt = = --weight. >>host: this as a customer pick on perfect five-star customer pick. it. do we also quebecersivory. and you that big floppy
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ears. he is soft and cozy as well. >>guest: if your grandkids are coming over, do it travel set for the kids. i give a set like this for my daughter last year guess what she uses? the blanket. you could break this up and to 2 gifts. definitely great for your animals. >>host: dog was at the animal store over the i am a relatively new in the mall owner and that stuff is expensive. --an "im owner. this is
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not something that looks and feels- like a $20 gift. people say it is my favorite a throw and the house. >>guest: i like to watch the reaction of the recipient xxxl. these are long soft microfibers which will caress your skin. it is not a heavy is the perfect size if you know somebody who travels a lot. these will fit you perfectly. and you get the little puppy dog as well and these come to you almost like a bow and go. you have little puppies on top, if you are doing delivery direct like i did last year this is great because it
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looks like you already gift wrapped this. + >>host: we have exactly three weeks of shopping days left untilchristmas if you are seeing wait ae i have to get cracking this is under $20. animal which you canc13 or give to somebody else. with everybody calling, you what this we have about 150 of these left. this is chocolate and this is ivory. >>guest: and you can see that pink tongue. i like the jowls. he is so very soft to be beat. baby.
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>>host: you know i had to go to the laundromat to take the large blankets that would not fit in a washing machine. the fact i can throw this into my washing machine saves me a lot of time and energy. i am going to take a quick nap. [laughter] >>host: >>guest: >>guest: this is so soft and cozy on both sides it will not be returned. >>host: only two dozen left in chocolate, two dozen left in ivory. all you need is a remote control and something to drink and you will never need to leave yourself up. seen that
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today's special, it is more than halfway gun. over 15,000 of these have been ordered, from deb guyot designs, your herkimerquartz stila el earrings. it is clearer than other courts. quartz . --the leg letto. now, what about a gift under $15?you
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can go to somebody's house and they will feed you entertain you. + bring something for them.a bottle of wine can be problematicthe scentaments crinkling holiday diffuser. it is in the red color you know it is snow globe has a snow flying. it has twinkling glitter. under $15 and free shippingexactly 378 of these left. mary beth byrd is joining us this morning. >>guest: these c13 out the door last time because of what tamara hooks said.
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it is the best hostess gift, stalking gift, a teacher is part of the scentaments line of home fragrances. --stocking gifts. you have the color reads, and the red it will it is your peppermint cream just creates an immediate ambiance and atmosphere getting you ready for the holiday season it is the best way to bring the holidays
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into your room three fragranced. home through a fragranced. . be your fragrance. maybe you only decorate in the living room. it takes just a little touch of red and you have your decoration there. not a lot of money, free shipping, and you can see the little store operatorstart.. >>guest: it is that gift that keeps on giving. -- and you can refill this decanter. peppermint clean
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fragrance. -cream fragrance. it you can be refilled fragrance you like >>host: i hope you are on the telephone or for this. to somebody else, (...) >>guest: bow on this. >>host:l let you know when this goes. collectors are watching. this is a kind of gift that you purchase warrants and you will use this for many many years.--
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you purchase once. it comes to fully assembled. it is great if your mom is not good with a hammer and chisel [laughter] now that was the holiday set. have diffusers for all of your other rooms and you get two of them for under it breaks down to under $20 per gift.--$10 per gift. now the macintosh and apple, lemon vanilla cupcake and now in part in our your most limited. --and
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mountain pine. 2 scentaments is in the home fragrance line for hsn. >>guest: the difference is the level of quality of oils. all natural 15% fragrance.that is the difference. if you have purchased decanters or diffusers3 and you were disappointed this will be the difference for you. you will not want to be without these. >>host: we start with mountain pine, fewer than 350 of these left. >>guest: the most popular fragranced during the holidays. you may not have a natural tree in your home this will bring about the festive
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holiday christmas feeling. it feels like you're a walking through a snow-covered vermont 3/4. itsri forestree forest. and then we jasmine blossoms. it is much sweeter. my mother loves for the feminine person in your life. it has the japanese a jury blossoms and vanilla rice,- cherry blossoms. >>host: and then move onto lavender calomel >>guest:chamomile. >>guest: it is
7:17 am
soothing. lavender and camomile do relax this into my daughter's room when she goes to bed. >>host: what revitalizing, mcintosh we have about 300 of these left. >>guest: this is my favorite for the kitchen. it is really crisp and gender for me. it is not overly floral, but you have the mcintosh apple. this smells like your walking through a apple orchard. >>host: it does not smell synthetic.but this is the fragrance. >>guest: it is
7:18 am
because of the essential wheels. oils. now we have snowberries which are white berries. it is sweet and distinct. like a raspberry, it is going to be sweet. it will make your home smell like the holidays. is a little bit different and then we have pomegranate cider. like hot apple cider on a cold day. me ofcider on the stovetop it is a little bit tart.all
7:19 am
love our formulas are made in --all of our formulas are made in england. it is not just the fragrance it is also the look. we want this to be a gorgeous piece in your house for years to come. last up to 90 days, you can enjoy it for months to come. and this is one of my favorites, mandarin cranbury. gender neutral, you! orange with cranbury. have orange, with cranberries this is gorgeous and the be in the guest just kind of agree to as you walked in the door.
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>>host: and then we have sugar cookie. >>guest: like sugar cookies baking in the oven. my nine year old keeps this in her she always wanted candles which i have a problem with. oil diffuser is a perfect solution you have a fragrance which is constantly fragrance in your air. >>host: it smells exactly like sugar cookies and then we have vanilla cupcake. >>guest: cupcakes are all of the rage. >>host: fewer than 300 left to go. >>guest: this makes you feel like you are biting into a big vanilla cupcake with a little bit of the lemon, the vanilla your heavy sugar, brown sugar.that is what you will be
7:21 am
is delicious--sme . these are great as a teacher gift you get 2 these come might get one and the gift one. (...) this says family. did decorate gingerbread houses? >>host: know.3 >>guest: this is what i do with daughters every year, it feels like the holidays. the fragranced along with the proper lighting and music cozy the proper ambiance in your home--create the
7:22 am
proper ambiance in your home. it >>host: a few what the holiday fragrance, something in your home to take you through you can get just one of these or it is okay to have a different fragrance as it transforms you through the house. if you mountain pine, you like pomegranate cider and mandarin cranberries they can blend it together in the open platform. jasmin blossom for a feminine woman. if you like of the 83 fragrances, you can go wrong with
7:23 am
the vanilla cupcake. or gingerbread. please give us a phone call we do have some much now we check in with guy yovan for the spot like itspotlight. [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you we have some great things in the spotlight these are called showstoppers [reading] [reading] >>host: brand new and the holiday price we are taking a quick break family are back with more from hsn--and then
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we are back with more from hsn. [♪ music ♪] [commercial]
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[commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i have what you need a gift which is practical and fun. it is being shown to you by mary beth byrd it is your slim sonic deluxe it is a three pack of toothbrushs with replacement heads. that pierre so soft and
7:26 am
cozy blanket is now soldout. these break down to $10 it is signed it toothbrushes the power of sonic cleaner. . you get three of these each of these come with a larger brush head. dan and then you are getting three additional browshadows. 6 qt. brush heads three site toothbrushes. sonnet toothbrushes and the batteries are included what!jews bright pink yellow blue light you have the animal which has snake zebra, and blue snake,the solid which i
7:27 am
think is the most natural and then you have striper get-- choose brite. >>guest: why should a toothbrush not be fun? if you do brush 33 times a day it is because you do not have it with you. you have a vented cap in its design. --each design.these are cute and cool. don't for a mother, that is so know how much money you spend it taking care of your is so important
7:28 am
to do. and that difference is the site this is the sonic frequency. 22,000 brush strokes per minute. the reason it is so much better, it is breaking down the plaque that gets between thec13 and is below the surface of the gum line. surface of the gum line. it is moving so fast you cannot even see it.if you talk to your dentist, for the last five he says you need to get on board marybeth. it was over $100 for the big model. this you get the exact same size and frequency. it breaks down the tower and
7:29 am
prevents a gingerbread is pre --tartar. i always was brushing my teeth too hard.i use this and might dentist said my teeth were looking better than ever.-- mydentist said my teeth were looking better than ever >>host: i say brush smarter not harder.let this do the work for you. should brush our teeth after every time we eat. your teeth and gums if you do not brush it. these make great stocking stuffers. this is your sonic
7:30 am
toothbrush not your regular your purse it looks like epen. a pen popp you get three of these. $10 a piece and free shipping. i talked to grandmothers, aunts and uncles-- am talking tograndmothers aunts and uncles we have the we have the salads and the straits. --solids and the stripes. >>guest: if talk
7:31 am
to your dentist you will hear what we have learned. here is what it dentist had to say about the use of this huge brush. >>in practice and recommend senate toothbrushes or manual two precious for better or for cleaning and healthier teeth and gums pre when patients come in for the regular cleanings we can always tell when they're using a senate toothbrush cleanings are easier and their visits are shorter. i always recommend some senate deluxe to my patients is the easiest way to get the senate cleaning wherever they are pretty slim sonic assault compact portable it is easy to brush where ever you are after meals and when you are away from home. >>host: these are great for men and women.these are the kinds of gifts you look around for. when you find in these in threes all three of these how brush
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at. and you get three more brush heads. >>guest: we have sold 140,000 of these. we improve these for you print. it in the past it was a little bit smaller. --for you. have increased the brush head size 20 percent. we also have the fading bristles. after about eight-10 weeks of use these blue bristles will start to fade. replace this particular ed. 20 percent larger, you
7:33 am
take this with you everywhere that you go, the technology is that difference. you cannot duplicate. if you have been on the sidelines if it has a large charging base you do not need to plug this, batteries are included pop this in your suitcase when you travel i keep mine in my handbag i used to wrap my toothbrush and toilet paper. or cute. gibbons' that i have made to iceland summit. 6 c13 is fun and functional. you want to get colors and stains off of your teeth. you can use
7:34 am
your toothbrush effectively. daughter had a problem with cartertartar but the last time we that dentist said her teeth are in better shape because of technology. you know with your teeth feel fresh and clean and polish? that is the feeling you are going to get with slim summit. >>host: and there are seven reasons to get this. --and there are so many reasons to get--that is the feeling you are going to get with slim sonic. >>host: you have three gifts under $10 each. head and you
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get three additional brush had spurteheads. when you need more we sell five tax-free this is a smart choice we are prescient the ortiz, and fresh breath but something else. if you want to lose weight instead of reaching for something to6 c13 pressure teeth. brush your do. these are great gifts. and by what to know i am not wasting my.
7:36 am
you can see over 800 of these ordered to get it is a big customer pick on go ahead and read the reviews this does more manual toothbrush. it gives you the indicator. >>guest: my toothbrush was always frayed out on the end. now i am going to benefit the health of my gums. lessman the sonic will help you. it will brush and effectively. we spoke with dr. nicole meadows and here is what she had to say. >> using a countertop rechargeable toothbrush at
7:37 am
could be a burden to travel with. with slim sonic electric and take the senate power with them wherever they go and get some senate deluxe is compact and portable of course i have more than one per get a keyboard in the office, when in my handbag and one in my gym bag it has become one of my favorite fashion accessories. when first brought home the slam seven toothbrush's my kids love the variety of colors. the each picked one, put it in their backpacked and i was happy. >>host: just choose which set of three you want. this first package is called the brighs and then we have your animal. >>guest: i love those they look like a handbag. >>host: if you want neutrals this is your solids, silver, blue purple and then we have your
7:38 am
stripes,ich is self-explanatory. if you are all wondering, many times you hear toothbrushes categorized as it soft medium, and firm i would say this is do not need to push this into your you just let this do the work for you. it is the introductory --aintroductory price. >>guest: what we are seeing here, is your sonic frequency. to the drug store, you by the rotating brush heads, you could damage your gums. gentle and effective, the summit technology
7:39 am
is 22,000 brush strokes per minute >>host: and the ones you see on the marketplace are expensive pre cleaning they use, it is what you should but this is the only time you will see this. if you want this one number 099-141 if you already, maybe you already used these, blue will start to fade you get five of for $14.95.these are item #
7:40 am
192-619. great gift, do not move a muscle. [♪ music ♪] >>host: in the spotlight everybody can you some great gift for the home. we have a whole selection of great ideas for you.we call this year gift for the home gift store. who does not want a good deal and we free shipping-enjoy free shipping and special pricing dilemma helps has some great stuff coming up here is more from signature club and a prepareda. [commercial]
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[commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: we started this hour and i promised you a great gifts $20 and under $30. i did
7:42 am
both of those.and then the perfect gift for the jewelry lover in your life pripet.this has over 1800 reviews many of us have kept their jewelry in inferior ways--our it is easy to choose this and find this it is no reason why this is a customer pick. by debee barker6 c13 organizational expert. >>guest: this is one of the most organized people you will ever meet.this is organization and style an organization that is fun. if i was asking
7:43 am
you to show me your five favorite would you be going all over your house? look where i have my jewelry and look where you can have your jewelry as well. this is any woman's dream we will start from top to bottom before it is jewelry utopia. first we have a section for your earrings you have posts, loops, clip- onhoops and clip bonds. depth you have the rj graziano watch heidi daus, and the
7:44 am
back of this is a bill that nothing will scratch. do you like a long necklace is? in some many cases it is tangled with the one next to it. look at6 c13 everything is separated. no more tinkles, you can see absolutely everything that you have. up here, rings. you will be surprised how many rings we have it holds 93 rings. all different types of rings, big and chunky rings prepared everything is facing forward. everything is separated you are going to be choosing. put a mirror
7:45 am
on the this is something you are not going to find anywhere else. you can try on a different necklaces and you are not opening closing the door. it is a great little extra underneath the mirror, we have another 12 solid brass hooks. you can see absolutely everything and then have 12 compartments on the bottom. this is what would take up most of the space in the traditional jewelry box. if you are going to be a sport, let your
7:46 am
houspresident husband have a spot in here as well. and this is the most fabulous jewelry organizer you'll ever have. and this is fully assembled. >>host: do not need to know how to put anything together. you could put this over the door or on the wall. most are a big box you can see what you want to wear, you are more likely to wear the things that you have. you can
7:47 am
not all chip in a little bit of money i want to show you your choices. light oakleopard, cherry, black, zebra, a very limited in zebra and leopard. >>host: amara hooks just showed you all of these on the wall. you are not equipped to find these anywhere else. depth--in to find these anywhere else. we also have another
7:48 am
item you could purchase a fabulous light, no assembly required. >>host: we have the item number for this as well, only 200 of these lights remain. and this white just melts into the >>guest: door i did something for you i wanted to show you bought fabulous this section is. this is difficult to see on television i will show you how this works, this just works, your pairs of earrings are together, the first reading mornings have we all had. how many frustrating
7:49 am
mornings have we all had triggered? you just pop this back can see everything you have. it is totally made in america. to the 85 craftsmen will touch this. this what a substantial piece of furniture which will be with you for the rest of your life. >>host: we plan to keep our most loved jewelry pieces for the rest of our life. have a great place to store them pretty like this. there is no way i will bother a
7:50 am
box like this this is where you get organized. maybe you do not know what kind of jewelry to buy help them get organized and they will think you every single morning in your entire piece together is 40 in. from top to bottom, 4 in. deep, 14 in. wide. look how much this holds. >>guest: -323 pieces. --mine has 323 pieces. do you have a special somebody in your life? how about buying this for the woman in your life. say will you marry
7:51 am
me and have a ring and the inside--on the inside this is a big hit the gift for this season >>host: how can you not say yes to that? we are you a armoire full of jewelry. you do not have that much as are watching you may be picking up the today's special earringsnecklaces for the holidays this allows you to watch your collection growth. c13 this is a customer pick and free shipping. it is already assembled
7:52 am
1850 reviews a product that you perennially love put all of your stuff and this, you may not want to share this with your daughter. >>guest: >>host: have this we can send it this to you. it is all solid and put together. when the sell out that takes a while to get these back. this is the gift a cherry is most popular many of view are also getting the white color, leopard and zebras are most limited. >>guest: smack at the last year collection. have taken my earring bar in made this into a bracelet are. bart. now
7:53 am
you have been working really hard this season. give yourself this is something you will use every day of your life you will use this in the morning and when you get dressed. you can use this at night. you can look at your jewelry collection and say i remember when i got this item or that item.this is a series of memories because that is what jewelry is, you should keep your selection of jewelry and the place--nine this place. this right here is a watch that was my grandmother's i do not wear this
7:54 am
every day but every morning when it opened up my jewelry armoire i think about are preparedher. i do not have the queen's jewels but i do have things that mean something to be printed gift yourself prepared-- to me c13 yourself. >>host: all of your jewelry is there are and nobody knows what is behind door no. one. if you have a place to keep organized you're more likely to keep what you haveought it will not get broken. --you start your day
7:55 am
off with organization. u can see what is missing. now look at this look how many rings are here. look at the size of this joan boyce if you see, you will wear it you have taken a long time to gather all of you should it take the time to enjoy this and wear this. >>host: in the second we will go through a tour of your jewelry armoire. it does not
7:56 am
take up any floor space in your put stuff on top, it is things you have to dust. this is pop off of the floor. you have space for hundreds of pieces of jewelry you can customize your self. 13 bracelets and earrings you know when daddy opens that door nothing comes flying off? hold a lot of. we encourage you to give a seafoam call we alight oak zebra cherry, black. we take a phone call from to reset in alabama--to resel to--theresa in
7:57 am
alabama >>caller: hello i ordered 13 years ago without a mirror on the inside. --i ordered one 30 year is a del it is not have the mirror inside. i already filled it up and and ordering a second one. >>host: estimate how many pieces of jewelry you have? >>caller: there would be no way to tell you, i out hundreds. i have hundreds. my rings and earrings are completely false. have pockets where i keep my costume jewelry did you see it i can
7:58 am
leave myc13 without my makeup but not without my >>host: is this as solid as we say? >>guest: it is better. >>host: this is what happens when it is made in the united states. >>guest: thank you happy holidays. that was theresa which would bring you getting today? >>guest: this is something you will use every day. this takes a while to get there. you really need to jump onto this i promise you are going to totally love this. of the hardest part is getting this out of the box.the fun begins when you start to load at this up. you start to open the little black pouch is. you
7:59 am
wear a piece of jewelry somebody special gift to you. --gave to you.let me take you one more quick tour. the smocked top section is your earings section. we have 100 can put your clip bonds on top of the bar right3 and that all of your bracelets, you can double and triple anchor more and then you have a beautiful belt-it backing. --velvet backing. no more tangles greenpan

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